Counseling is ultimately about supporting and encouraging a process of change that you desire. Since we are powerless to change our circumstances or people (parent, spouse, boss, etc), we are left to change ourselves; our attitudes and perspectives.

As a counselor, I seek to understand you uniquely through our different human dimensions; the physical (body), cognitive (thinking), emotional (feelings), relational, and spiritual. I seek to help clients in this holistic manner. Our Problems are a "mixed bag" of these dimensions. I seek to help you identify, understand, and address your struggles in an accepting, safe, and creative manner. I will work with your physician or psychiatrist if necessary to consider how medical (hormonal or chemical) conditions might be influencing your situation.

Trust and safety are key to a productive counseling experience. I accept you right where you are with no judgment of your past history. When it comes down to it, we all have horror stories of victimization and bad behavior. I view all my clients as a unique person with great dignity, yet wounded and in need of healing and hope.

Because we all are all unique, no single therapeutic approach to intervention helps everyone, so I find a unique blend of therapies is often helpful. In a warm, genuine, inviting, and compassionate manner, I primarily employ cognitive-behavioral (CBT), Family systems, and emotionally-focused therapies filtered through a Biblical worldview to help clients find stability in the midst of their life storm.